Philip Conradsson: A Menswear Expert Living in Sweden

Stockholm’s vibrant fashion scene boasts many influential figures, and Philip Conradsson is undoubtedly one of its shining stars. As the ambassador for Lindbergh’s 1927 Shirt Line, Philip’s journey in the world of men’s fashion is both inspiring and relatable. From his early days working in his family’s clothing store to becoming a renowned fashion writer, consultant, and influencer, Philip’s passion for menswear is evident in every endeavor.

Growing Up in a Clothing Store Left an Imprint

Having moved to Stockholm at the age of 19, Philip’s love for the city is palpable. He cherishes the pulse, the people, and the high standard of living that Stockholm offers. Residing in the serene area of Vasastan, he enjoys the blend of tranquility and proximity to the city’s bustling center.

Philip’s deep-rooted interest in fashion began during his time at his family’s clothing store, where he was exposed to renowned brands like Acne Studios and Filippa K. This early exposure, coupled with buying trips to Stockholm, provided him with invaluable insights into the industry. His subsequent roles at Morris Stockholm, Metro, and King Magazine further solidified his position in the fashion world.

Essentials are the Base of Good Style

For Philip, the essence of a contemporary wardrobe lies in its essentials. He believes in the transformative power of a well-crafted shirt, emphasizing its versatility and timeless appeal. The 1927 Shirt Line from Lindbergh, which Philip endorses, encapsulates these qualities. Made with premium quality materials and designed for a contemporary fit, the shirt is a testament to Lindbergh’s commitment to quality and style.

In his daily life, Philip’s work varies from shooting campaigns to attending meetings and collaborating with international brands. Regardless of the task at hand, his genuine passion for fashion and commitment to authenticity shine through.